Simply Taken by Tammilynn

Simply Taken by Tammilynn
~There is Simply Nothing Sweeter Than You... Simply Taken~

Friday, February 10, 2012

Weddings and Valentine's

Hello everyone and Happy Valentines Day on the way!

I'm just home from a WONDERFUL, SwEeT  Wedding from Bullhead AZ!
I just have to post! The Bride Linzey and her Husband Nathan were an amazing couple that radiated love!

It was an honor to photograph this Wedding! As I look back at these beautiful images and think about Valentines Day right around the corner, It reminds me about my special day and those special moments.
So as you look at my sneak peek of  Nathan and Linzey I hope you enjoy a trip down memory lane of your true love!
 Happy Valentines Day Nathan and Linzey and CONGRATS  on your beautiful Marriage!
<3  Tammilynn

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hello everyone!
Just wanted to stop in and say Happy Thanksgiving to all!
We are very THANKFUL for all our friends and family that stop in and visit us here on the 
So as we all gather together and visit with our family around the holiday table this year lets remember to give a moment of thanks and remember why the holiday is Thanksgiving!
Let us also not forget those who cannot be at our tables this year.

 This year we will remember our
Sailor Derek Hermann who is stationed on the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN and all that are with him
serving to keep our country safe so we can celebrate!

 Derek has been serving in the Navy for the past 8 years! We are so proud of him!

So before I part I am posting a few pics of Derek and our Family from his visit just a few weeks ago...Derek this is for you!
We love you and  pray for calm seas and safe journey to your new port in VA.
Love,  Mom <3

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Autumn Flowers

Hi Everyone!

Can you believe it is fall?
Where did all the time go?

It has been a busy few weeks here at SIMPLY TAKEN PHOTOGRAPHY BY TAMMILYNN!
We have had weddings and babies and now were going full steam ahead into our "Family Holiday Sessions"!
I can hardly believe it!
A quote I read recently said " Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower in bloom." ~ Albert Camus. When I look outside my window here in Prescott, AZ it is in fact true!
                          FALL IS HERE!

 The good thing about this is, it is my most favorite season of all! I LOVE AUTUMN!
As the temperatures cool and the leaves change into their beautiful kaleidoscope of color, it makes a beautiful
backdrop for weddings!

Tonight I am going to share a bit about a wedding . This wedding was a special wedding to me, as it was
the wedding of a sweet friend of mine. I have watched this girl grow since her birth .. I have seen her grow from  cute chubby toddler to crazy teen to beautiful young woman. It was such a joy to share with her in the news of
her up coming wedding! It was with even more joy for me, that she asked me to to share that special day
with her as her photographer  !

   The wedding day finally came.  It was time for her to walk down the isle. With her
Father on her arm guiding her,and her Mother standing watching her make her way to be handed
to the man of her dreams, it was hard to photograph as the tears were blurring my view.
All in all it was indeed one of the most beautiful weddings I have photographed!
Now I with great joy I share with you, a sneak peek.


Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Arabelle is here!

Hello everyone!
Well after a nice break I am back again!
I am excited to announce to you....

ARABELLE EDESSA ARPS  has finally arrived! She was born on August 24,2011 and weigh in at 7.7lbs and was 19"long!
 She is as beautiful as her Mommy and very strong like her Daddy and very much loved by big brother, Everett! It is amazing how your heart just grows to love with each little baby God brings into our lives!
We are so blessed with his handwork and the joy he gives us!

I hope you all are well and enjoying the fall season with the ones you love!
I will be back soon with news and pictures of Weddings and Babies!
Until then..

LIVE life...LOVE those you hold close ...and LAUGH often!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

She's DUE!

Hi Everyone!  It has again been awhile since I have been on my blog...Some may be wondering what has been going on! Where is Tammilynn??
WELL...It has been a roller coaster ride since I began walking again! In May I shot my first session since my accident and surgery in November of last year! Since that session I have hit the ground running! I have been having a blast!
During my recovery time  I have had a lot of clients become pregnant.... Including my daughter!
SO now IT'S DUE TIME!!!!
I am so excited! In just a few short days my daughter Amy and her husband Paul will be welcoming their new baby into their arms!
So for the next few weeks I will be MIA!  I will be bonding with my newest grand baby and cuddling with my soon to be two grandson.
 This is what you call Heaven on Earth!!!
Not to worry I can't wait to introduce the new baby to you!
Until then my Friends,

<3 Tammilynn

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


 well after months of not being really able to sit at a computer to blog, edit or even face book (thank goodness for my Droid X!!)  without doing straight legged gymnastics with ice packs and a brace (not fun at all and not a good visual :(  ) I am finally back!

It feels good to be here too!! We have lots to catch up with!

In the past few weeks we have had birthdays pregnancy announcements( I am gonna be a Nonnie again!! to a baby girl due in august!!! Thank you Paul and Amy!!) and sad to say losses.

Tonight I will post about the one that has been on my heart...

...................................................A TRIBUTE TO GRANDMA DOT........................................................

 I met this wonderful sweet lady about 12 years ago. She moved next door to my parents and lived alone.
Her husband had passed away and moved from another city to be close to her remaining children here in Prescott. Her name was Dorothy and to us she became Grandma Dot.

Grandma Dot loved God and family. Especially family that has alot of children! My family fit the bill as I have 5!  Grandma loved knitting and crocheting and would make beautiful baby sweaters and dresses and booties. It did not take long for my 9 year old daughter Amy to make her way to Grandma Dots house  and Grandma Dot took to Amy like bees to honey. They were good for each other. Amy would talk her ears off and Grandma would listen. And listen. It did not take long for Grandma to figure out this girl need something to do. She handed her knitting needles and that became the beginning of a long and wonderful relationship. Amy learned,  and learned well. She carried those needles everywhere we went. Soon my other daughter Melissa picked up knitting!  My youngest daughter Mahalie will never get to learn to knit or crochet from this Grandma but she had the privilege of wearing the beautiful crochet jackets and hats and booties with matching blankets that Grandma Dot made for her with those beautiful yet gnarled hands.

Grandma Dot left us and her family two weeks ago and the world became a little less brighter. She was an amazing woman and a wonderful Grandmother. She never made us feel like we were adopted. She loved us and we loved her!

 It saddens my heart because I never really got to say good bye or even thank you.

The last time I spoke to Grandma Dot she was in the hospital and so was I.  I was going home, but Grandma never go to go home.

 I love you Grandma Dot! Thank you for loving us and  passing on something that will last a lifetime. Every time I see my girls knit a blanket or booties, I will think of you!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Where O where has Tammilynn Been??

Hi y'all!
Its been a while since I have posted!!! For the past several months I have been recovering from a total knee replacement.  I know!!! Well in September I thought that I would just fly down my stairs at home, you know instead of walk down, like one normally would. I found out, one should NEVER want to do that! The damage I suffered as I went head over heals leaving my knee behind me in an awkward alignment, gave me the type of injury one would get while playing in the Super Bowl!!! The end resulting in an emergency Knee replacement.. and NO ring for TOUCH DOWN!
 That said I am finally on the upward swing and should be finished with my recovery,barring any stair aerobics, by early spring!!!

SO IN THE MEAN WHILE... I am gonna post some pics from past shoots and and some little shoots that I have been able to do one legged!

I hope y'all enjoy and I will be seeing you very soon!
Hugs, Tammilynn